Joe brooks dating

After leaving Mountbatten Secondary School in Hampshire, his interest in the guitar and music recording lead him to focus on Music Technology classes while he attended Barton Peveril Sixth Form College.

Between music classes in college and recording at home on his own digital recorder, he began to produce his own songs and covers, which became popular via Myspace.

He received help from various musicians whom he met while attending the Soul Survivor music festivals.

Inspired by artists such as Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and Bryan Adams, Brooks threw himself into music and started to practice singing and composing songs.

In 2008 he was declared the "Number 1 Unsigned Artist" in the UK on the site and held the title for a year while amassing 11 million song plays and 100,000 profile friends, although there is no official evidence for these figures.By 2008 he was hyped and labelled as the "Number 1 Unsigned UK Artist" on My Space and had amassed 11 million song plays. He grew up in Shirley, Southampton, where he attended Wordsworth and St. He focused predominantly on sports as a child and he began playing tennis when he was four years old and continued to play for the next twelve years, which included participating in competitive tennis tournaments.He quit tennis at the age of 16 when he decided to focus on a potential career of sports coaching instead.This popularity helped Brooks sell out shows when he embarked on his first official tour in January 2009 with shows around the UK, including venues like the O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham.After various label offers he had turned down and other deals that fell through, Brooks was now signed to a major label.

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