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Foster went on to star in The Silence of The Lambs with Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.Speaking on the show, Foster revealed that Hopkins’s cannibal was terrifying.“The first day we had a read-through and by the end of it I never wanted to talk to him again - I was petrified."We got to the end of the movie and really had never had a conversation."I actually avoided him but on the last day he came up to me and I said, with tears in my eyes, how scared I was of him and he said, 'But, I was scared of you!

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The film earned both actors Oscar nominations in the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress categories.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, the actress reminised about her time on the film.

She said: "I was 12 years old and had made more movies than anyone else on the film at that point."They were very uncomfortable about my character.

There's a kind of intensity that she has, and a real focus…

I can glean from her personality that she's going to have a very long career and is going to be a very centered person.

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