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Avenel’s Malian and Gambian bandmates performed with Salif Keita, Mory Kanté, Manu Dibango and other Afropop stars, but they have the traditional music in their bones and an openness to experiments.French flutist Michel Edelin provides a second jazz voice on many tracks.He worked as a field hand for a black master until 1791, when he joined the slave rebellion that broke out in the colony amid the turmoil caused by the French Revolution.In the decade that followed, he distinguished himself as a lieutenant of the black leader Toussaint Louverture, who established himself as governor-general of Saint-Domingue with nominal allegiance to Revolutionary France.Resistance to Dessalines and his autocratic rule grew among the mulatto elites.West Africa has a very rich culture dating back at least to the unification of the Mande Empire in the 13th century.You will not find the usual American 'formula film' composed of glitz, action, intrigue, syrupy sweetness and a predictable ending.Instead here is a film that is complex yet simple, both beautiful and ugly, about separateness and unions, and the sufferings of those who love but cannot love. If you are prudish or do not like 'foreign films', then avoid this film.

In a series of actions meant to prevent any renewal of white dominance over the blacks, who formed more than 80 percent of the population, he confiscated land owned by white people, made it illegal for them to own property, and, perhaps fearing them as potential subversives in the event of another French invasion, launched a campaign of extermination against the country’s white inhabitants in which thousands were killed.

In 1929 French Indochina, a French teenage girl embarks on a reckless and forbidden romance with a wealthy, older Chinese man, each knowing that knowledge of their affair will bring drastic consequences to each other.

A color-blind psychiatrist Bill Capa is stalked by an unknown killer after taking over his murdered friend's therapy group, all of whom have a connection to a mysterious young woman that Capa begins having intense sexual encounters with.

In the 1960s and ’70s its traditional praise-songs and associated instrumental styles – particularly those of the kora (21-string harp-lute) as adapted for electric guitar – were taken up by bandleaders such as Djelimadi Tounkara, and incorporated into a popular music resurgence which eventually swept the world.

The great French bassist Jean-Jacques Avenel (Le Havre, 1948-Paris, 2014) was a member of Steve Lacy’s groups starting in 1981, and also began playing the kora around that time.

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