Jail dating site

Linda's book will definitely open the reader's eyes to a new world that not many care to think about.

It made me look at criminals and offenders in a whole new light.

So, why did John Meehan end up in prison in the first place, well before he met Newell?

He met Debra Newell just two days after being released from jail for the incident, and the rest is history.

She told police, who started an investigation and John eventually lost his job, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The day he was supposed to surrender for drug charges in Ohio, Meehan was arrested in Michigan after kicking a state trooper who was trying to force him from a hiding place above an elevator inside of a mall, according to Dayton Daily News. He had escaped from a moving ambulance while being transported to a hospital after he was found semi-conscious in a hotel room, surrounded by narcotic drugs.

Law enforcement officials are best qualified to answer questions.

Archives may be available from the court records division.

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