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The way we approached Clockwork Angels was a little bit trying to break the mold by releasing two songs two years before the album was completed.

That was our way of saying, 'Does the album itself really matter anymore? And maybe there was a rock artist that would go the way of the jazz artist, where it's a career, it's an artist you're interested in and you want to see what this artist is up to in this period of time.

Significantly, both albums break the mold for Music Business 101 in 2012 in that they're concept pieces - Clockwork Angels is a self-contained narrative, while Oceania is part of the Pumpkins' adventurous Teargarden By Kaleidyscope project.

That both groups, Rush and The Smashing Pumpkins, have hit creative highs while rejecting the notion that 'the hit single is king' was the starting point for a discussion Music Radar recently had with Lee and Corgan in which the two talked about how they navigate through the murky waters of the music business and rise to the challenges of what Corgan calls the "i Pod era."It's a fascinating conversation, and what follows is Part One of our interview: You've both released albums that can be appreciated from beginning to end - that right there is a concept.

That pop artist had four different producers on one song. Someone comes in and produces the beats, someone else produces the music, someone else produces the singing. It's not even the same industry that Billy and I are in."Corgan: "Alternative music has been infiltrated by this consciousness, so to be somebody who's had great success in alternative radio, and then turn around and have them say, 'Well, your new single just doesn't compete…' Meanwhile, they're still playing my old singles, so I don't know how my new single doesn't compete when it's kind of same-ish. I mean, that's why we've veered toward let's call it 'the depth' of what we do."And the funny thing is, we didn't talk about singles at all on this record.Do you feel as if you're somehow attempting to revitalize a format that others are discarding?Or is it more a way to revitalize what the band is doing?[laughs] That's kind of the way it ended up."But it was also really important that these songs not only be a concept and tell a story in a sort of rock opera tradition, but stand out as individual songs, and that's really the trick and that's the tough part, to make them make sense in the context of each other but also stand as individuals.From my point of view, it's not so much a concern for the medium as a personal kind of band goal."Billy Corgan: "Yeah, well, typical me, I said I wasn't going to do albums anymore because I was just so sick of making them, and I could just tell from the audiences, they weren't listening to them.

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