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And, of course, the minute I complain about that, some jerk would invariably Tweet, 'That's 'cause you don't make good albums anymore.' But I saw in the culture where the interest in the form was waning."That said, it's still an effective way to create some sort of message.It doesn't have to be a message like 'We love the album.' It's just a way to create a cohesive statement.' But as soon as we released that, we realized it feels incomplete. It's nice to do that from time to time, but it's hard for a band like us to exist without the album as its reference point from time to time."I don't think the three examples you've given are really historically any different. And the rock fan will become one of many branches of that tree.That's kind of the way it's going; it's a very fragmented musical world now."Corgan: "Personally, I prefer the Stones/Beatles model, but I think singles in this particular moment is almost an impossible game for let's call it a 'career artist.' Because the people who are singles-driven and have saturated the market, that's all they do."This is not an excuse, and I'm sort of loosely including Geddy and the boys in this - to sit there and figure out your seven-minute song takes a tremendous amount of energy.' And I'm saying, 'No, I think it's kind of on its last legs.'"I've been saying for a while, that what we used to think of an album as a reason to put this music together and focus everybody on the moment.I still think it has to morph into a different form with either visuals or some other multimedia aspect to get people to actually appreciate the work in it - if you want that.

Once you see that being diminished, it's really sad because so many times those are my favorite songs."What about EPs?Now, Billy, you've had some experience with the format - do you see EPs as being a viable alternative or even a bridge between the single and the album? I've released a couple of EPs lately, and I don't know, it's weird.It's like, I don't know where the delineation point is.Significantly, both albums break the mold for Music Business 101 in 2012 in that they're concept pieces - Clockwork Angels is a self-contained narrative, while Oceania is part of the Pumpkins' adventurous Teargarden By Kaleidyscope project.That both groups, Rush and The Smashing Pumpkins, have hit creative highs while rejecting the notion that 'the hit single is king' was the starting point for a discussion Music Radar recently had with Lee and Corgan in which the two talked about how they navigate through the murky waters of the music business and rise to the challenges of what Corgan calls the "i Pod era."It's a fascinating conversation, and what follows is Part One of our interview: You've both released albums that can be appreciated from beginning to end - that right there is a concept.

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