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In the streets of Tehran, you will find religious women, who will carry the headscarf in a stricter way, like Parissa, a young women, 31 years old, who lives in Tehran and explains us on Skype (Yes, we have Skype in Iran) that she Naturally, it’s not about doing whatever you want.

The morality police forces, less repressive now under the presidency of Hassan Rohani is still in the streets to remind you to wear your scarf “the right way”. ) restrictions are really not a brake on Iranian creativity and freedom!

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the best is still to go to Iran, in Tehran, to see the one thousand option to wear these accessories, initially religious, playing the fashion game with more and more inspiration.

Here our selection to get a “scarf look”, inspired by a Pinterest board “Wear your scarf” : For this second interview with several French creatives about their vision of Iran, we had the pleasure to discuss with the very inspired Martha Kirszenbaum, a curator and art critic based between Paris and Los Angeles.

Though it’s making a splash on the current scene, “boteh gegheh” is certainly no newcomer to interior design.

But then we realized how important and essential was that At first it made us laugh because this guide written by Leila Nilipour for Munchies (Vice) is absolutely hilarious for anyone who knows a little bit about the Persan culture.

Read also: Fashion: How Tehran is booming We could even wonder if the hijab is not the new fashion attraction when you saw it at H&M advertising campaign for instance.

Last September, the Swedish group captured this new woman target with a strong buying power with this photo: An interesting first step to the fashion democratization of scarf and an excellent marketing strategy of the brand which understood the growing influence of the Middle-East and Asia Minor Scarves, Hijab, Shawls…

Here are her words and beautiful photos During summer, temperatures get very high in Iran, (74°C in Bandar Mahshahr!

) and one of the favorite refreshing drink Persian people loves is the famous “Abe talebi”, literally “melon water”.

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