How long have lindsay and samantha been dating 1oo percent dating

The two met while Lohan was staying in London, which honestly, was the best decision she’s made in a long time.Having been in the spotlight all her life, she was out of control and needed a fresh start.Even first cousins, although a little risky, won't have serious problems unless it's a normal practice of the family.

Just don’t say he’s good for her; according to the Daily Mail, Lohan hates when people say that and is quick to point out that she moved to London to take care of herself—and we’re happy to hear it!

In June of this year [2009] it will be Brooke and Scrappy's 2nd year of dating.

He Do Mess With diamond Him & Young Fresh Of The Blood… He is a bounty hunter like his father and runs his own bail bonds company.

They remained friends after the split but were better off apart since at this time Lohan was having issues of her own.

According to the Daily Mail, The Parent Trap star had leaked a list of her conquests to many publications.

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