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In mid-October, Drake invited Brown out on stage during one of the Los Angeles dates of the Aubrey & The Three Amigos Tour.The budding bromance is a bizarre twist to anyone who’s paid attention to the rapper and singer’s relationship for much of the decade.Reminding them of their own victimhood at the hands of someone else may quell our own anger, but it doesn’t make them feel any better.Unfortunately, our righteous outrage about Brown’s audacity to publicly pursue Rihanna won’t keep her safe from his abuse.

Considering the “Forever” singer’s history with Rihanna, her fans were understandably protective of her.

It’s a boisterous display of desire that only makes sense underneath the banner of male privilege.

Other commenters have taken it upon themselves to revive Brown’s label as an abuser.

I think Brown is a classic example of men being trash, and I cringed when I saw him fawning over a woman he doesn’t deserve. And what I’ve learned in my 20 or so years of supporting women who’ve dated trash men is that my opinion doesn’t matter unless said trash dude is mine.

Being a real ally to women with toxic men in their lives means swallowing your own pride and supporting them in the ways that they want and need to be supported.

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