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We know very little about Hinduim beyond what can be learned from the Vedas, a collection of hymns and other ritual texts composed in different periods.

These texts contain a lot of material including the teachings of the early sages.

For the Ganapatya Hindu sect, Ganesha is the most important deity.

Ganesha is highly recognizable with his elephant head and human body, representing the soul () respectively.

We read in the Brahmanas, a group of sacred priestly texts attached to the Vedas:(a sanskrit word meaning sight), of gurus, leaders, saintly persons and even holy places and holy images.

According to the Hindus, darsán is a two-way flow of vision.

Olympian gods, who had a clear hierarchy, may look greedy and envious compared with the tolerant gods of Hinduism.

Agni, Indra, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and Ganesha are just a few examples of very important Hindu gods that were regarded at different times and by different sects as the most important gods.

The universe is actually the dream of a god who after 100 Brahma years, dissolves himself into a dreamless sleep, and the universe dissolves with him.

The oldest evidence of religious practices in India date back approximately to 5500 BCE.

It is a mistake to reduce all early Hinduism to Vedic religion: there were many other non-Vedic religious traditions in early Hinduism which have left no early texts and that can be known to some extent by archaeological evidence.

A rich geography, many languages and dialects, lots of different creeds, racial diversity, all these elements have shaped Hinduism and made it so heterogenic.

The lack of unifying overall religious authority and the total absence of a book claiming supreme truth and dogmas have contributed to the diversity of Hinduism as well.

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