Hes just not that into you dating

Side note: If you’re madly in love and in a super-healthy relationship, the computer/phone secrecy could be a sweet “researching engagement rings” thing.So don’t freak out if this is the only sign he’s not into you and everything else about the relationship remains solid.If he doesn’t want people to think you’re a couple — he probably introduces you to people you run into as his “friend,” right? Even PDA-phobes should be okay with the occasional hand-holding or back-touching.You want to be with someone who’s proud to be associated with you.Yes, the old clichés are true: the truth hurts — and it also sets you free. Sign he’s just not into you: He says he’s not relationship material. If he says that he’s not looking for a relationship, he doesn’t believe in marriage, he’s not relationship material, or he’s just “having fun,” don’t try to read beyond those words.

If he’s into you, he’ll prioritize you at an hour that doesn’t inconvenience you or make you feel insecure.If he’s “keeping his options open,” then you’re not his priority.If he’s into you, he won’t have a problem adding a few future dates into his calendar.Sign he’s just not into you: It’s always your house or his, never both.If you’ve never been invited to his place, he’s keeping you at arm’s length for a reason.

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