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Williams revealed she was battling depression in 2015.

Then her marriage broke down and there were issues with the band’s line-up.

Then we wrote Rose-Colored Boy together.” For Zac, it was a case of stepping out of brother Josh’s shadow and establishing his own position in the band.

He says: “Rejoining was like getting re-acquainted with someone familiar but it had to be a whole new entity. I was scared but soon we realised how we all needed each other. At the start of the band, I was hurt because I felt my ideas were garbage.” For Williams, York’s Eighties pop-style music pushed her to up her game with her own writing.

“I’m dying to get out there and perform some new songs we’ve never played before.

“When I’m not singing and am in the empty venues listening at the sound check, I feel so spoiled that I sing with these guys.

This album is like therapy.” The last time I met Williams was in 2013 for the band’s self-titled album.

“We usually look back at an album and what events influenced it,” Williams says as we sit down to chat.

The crew are busy setting up the stage while singer Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zac Farro are rounded up for a meet-and-greet with fans.

“We are excited to be back on the road,” says Williams, 29, lighting a candle in the dressing room.

As a band, they have faced problems since forming as teenagers 14 years ago.

But the past 24 months have been the toughest so far.

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