Hanging out in other guys rooms dating

They say even if their guy friend were somehow interested, they would never be unfaithful. I asked, “Has your guy friend ever professed his love for you?

" She replied, "A couple of times."A couple of times?!

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Also, that means my girlfriend at his party was just contributing to the amount of "women" who are available.

I don't "not talk to him" for three days because he told me he thought my coworker was cute (that was hypothetical -- don't get mad, Emile's girlfriend). Could there possibly be some ulterior motives and some biases to what he tells you? When I ask my friend Emile (sorry Emile, I keep bringing you up) advice about my dating life, I know he will give me his honest opinion. I know this does not speak true to all, which is why it's a "personal experience," but I had a girlfriend who told me when we started dating that she had a best friend who was a guy.

That leads me to my next beat: single men hanging out with their female friends who have boyfriends. Women will defend, and rightfully so, that they should be trusted. She told me her last relationship suffered some setbacks because her boyfriend had trouble dealing with this fact.

Homework: Women, choose one of your guy friends and try to make out with him. To test the control of this experiment, I will go try to make out with Emile and see what happens.

Keep in mind, I make assumptions and educated guesses based on my experiences and research.

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