Hagstrom serial number dating

Al said "the producer came to the studio players asking if anyone had something flashy that Elvis could use, that he thought it would make a better shot if he was playing something.

I had the Hagstrom in my instrument trunk and offered it." Hagstrom, a company from lvdalen, Sweden that primarily exported accordions since 1925 began building and exporting guitars in the 1950s, mainly to the USA.

The 200 has a 12" Vox speaker with two 4" Jensen concert series speakers switchable on or off depending on the sound desired.

It is about 40 watts with two EL34 tubes, reverb and tremolo in a case only 14" inches tall, 19" across, and about 7" deep." Several years ago while in Nashville visiting Scotty I stopped by Gruhn Guitars downtown and saw an old Hagstrom Viking II on the rack. The guitar had been almost completely stripped of parts but the wood (neck and body) were there as was the original tuners, string guide and wiring harness with switch.

The name was licensed by American Music & Sound in 2004 and they plan to start producing guitars again by November.* Born in California and having grown up in Phoenix, Al Casey, as Vintage Guitar Magazine recently wrote, is one of the great unsung guitar heroes.

The process took about 2 months and I have to say that I was more than satisfied with the result.

I had sent along a few photos of Elvis with the one from the NBC Special and they matched it much closer than my expectation.

In addition to the 68 Special with Elvis Al also played on the soundtrack sessions at Western Recorders in 1968 that originally yielded Elvis' recently remastered hit "A Little Less Conversation".

Years after the 68 TV Special Al sold the guitar for an undisclosed amount and it is now said to be owned by a casino corporation out of Illinois.

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