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Graham Wardle: Amber was mentioning this earlier about animals, and now we have a little baby on the show, and they are present and don’t know they’re acting.

So working with animals and children now, it brings a freshness where you have to remain in the moment.

BT: I love how this show really speaks to the incredible landscape of Canada and not the typical cityscapes we see depicted on television. ”, so they get to see parts of Canada through the CBC shows that are produced. BT: Your fans are not all located in Western Canada either. AM: It’s incredible how many of them have travelled to Canada to experience .

People have really responded to seeing the gorgeous landscape of Alberta. People are tuning in to CBC shows from around the world and I think that’s a testament to what we’re offering. They say “I’ve been watching the show for six, seven years and I’ve always wanted to come to Canada to see what I see on TV.” So that’s something special too.

Wardle is best known for his role as Ty Borden in the long-running CBC series Heartland.

Under his Movie Production and Entertainment Company, Lone Maverick, Wardle has made films such as Under Pressure (2008), The Vessel (2012) and Cold Lights (2013).

GW: I’ve developed a huge respect for Amber, in her business accomplishments and in how she’s grown as a woman and how she’s been so kind to me. We have a working relationship that I’m really grateful for. When the series started, Graham didn’t even know that horse culture existed. [laughs] AM: [laughs] No, but I think it’s incredible how much you have learned.We hope that taking a unique approach appeals to the long-time fans of the series, and hopefully introduces some new ones.The following is a condensed and edited version of our sit-down with the delightful Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle.Whether it’s sitting in a field with horses and cows or sitting in my chicken coop, either one is right for me at the end of the day. When you sit out in nature and get outside, it really gives you perspective.When you maintain a good quality perspective, the bigger picture stuff, you think “this is so amazing. Staying in gratitude and staying connected to what really matters gives me a healthy mindset.

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