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A picture mosaic is a lot more than just a collection of pictures arranged in a certain way.Some photo mosaics can be cleverly done, especially if you used software to create it, or a professional helped put it all together.It is a custom for most married couples to give each other paper gifts on their 1st year anniversary.Here’s a list of possible 1 year anniversary presents for a boyfriend: Making our short list is one of the most original and romantic gift ideas that we have ever stumbled upon.For this to work, the jar must be fancy enough to act as a decor item.

Additionally, the methods used to make this kind of portrait are so accurate that the exact picture is replicated beautifully.

You can start doing this on your first anniversary and keep going until your golden anniversary.

Most love books are crafted from top quality paper and there may be slots for photos and other small souvenirs.

How excited would your boyfriend be if every time he dips his hand into a jar full of love messages from you, he will get a different message.

It can be a quote from a favorite poet, the very first line you spoke to him when you became a couple, or your first words after saying “I do”.

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