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Designations for not full-grown (young) animals are formed by compounds with the word yun young, e.

grand great, fasil easy, and derivative, which are formed from other parts of speech by the addition of one of the seven suffixes -abl, -al, -an, -atr, -id, -ik, -os.

The Neutral Language has only one declension for all substantives (r. There is no article; accordingly the English articles the and a, an are not translated, and conversely the word dom can mean the house as well as a house ; which meaning is to be taken can be almost always determined from the context.

Diminutives are formed by the addition of the suffix -et, e.

Adjectives in -abl show that something is possible or worthy, with a passive meaning; this suffix is used principally with verbal roots, e. komprendabl comprehensible, intelligible, konvenabl suitable, fitting.

Adjectives in -id show a quality of some one or of something; this suffix is used with verbal roots, e.

Comparison takes place by putting before the adjective the adverbs plu, for the comparative, and leplu for the superlative, e.

The conjunction than after the comparative is translated by ka, e.

The labors of the Academy could be carried on only in writing, since the members lived in various localities (in Europe, America, Africa and Asia).

At first seventeen persons, from twelve different countries, were chosen to constitute the Academy; later the number of members fluctuated between fifteen and thirty-six.

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