Funny skits on dating

Boy: Yes when I was small I used to sleep with my mom. Leave it , two women, my mom and sister, is the total. Then sometimes my cousins used to come for sleep over.

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” Laughs again, takes out his comb and starts combing his hair and/or rubbing his surfboard with a towel. Why just last week my boss wanted this same information. Let’s meet bachelor #3, Daniel ******, our surfing dude (As Doleen reaches his hand to shake at the last second Daniel wipes his hand across his head to fake her out-really playing the jerk). ) The skit ends as Doleen chases the cub scout around the chairs and finally the host and the boys blow the traditional kiss to the crowd as the "Dating Game" theme song plays in the background.

Everyone has experienced a bad date at some point their life.

But this kitty got more than he bargained for when his tinder date refused to leave his house after their date turned south.

(Dustin turns off his palm pilot looking very proud of himself) Doleen acts very unimpressed and says, No thank you! Daniel: Well, little lady, this must be your lucky day.

To rescue you I would ride those wild waves onto your island on my trusty surfboard “Wild Rider”.

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