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To avoid having unwanted calls or messages to your phone or mobile device it is helps to have all the strictest privacy settings enabled. B Messenger a little differently now, is prompting you to sync your devices/mobile phone contact/address book with the Facebook Messaging app in order to find other people you know on Facebook. B Messenger with your phone or mobile contacts/address book will add your contacts who have a Facebook account to your F. If you send a message to a contact who doesn’t have the New Facebook Messenger, it will prompt them to download the new app to accept your message.

Syncing your Facebook Messenger app with your address book will load your F.

Warning: If you only want to temporarily block them don’t delete your old messages with them.

Some people are reporting it can be hard to unblock the other person if you have deleted all the old messages.

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Android: Go to the settings icon top centre and scroll down to “Synced Contacts” select off.

For Android Facebook Messenger Privacy: Go to the Facebook App and set them through Settings (looks like 3 lines) – Account Settings – Privacy and set all to the most private settings.

Muting Message Conversations: Muting a message thread only stops you from getting notifications (red alerts/sounds) from that message thread.

B Messenger – click “View Profile” which takes you to the profile in the Facebook app.

Then click the “More …” option under their cover picture, and select “Block”.

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