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if you are interested in female lead relationship send me a message let get to know more about our kinks and fetish's xo. I'm a Sissy/trans girl, I've been locked in chastity for a week straight with no breaks (apart from cleaning the cage) And I've found the call of the keys to be almost overwhelming, I'm posting to find a keyholder dominatrix and hopefully, someone I can devote my life to servicing. Looking for Submissive ladies for Bondage, Bdsm, Spanking, Roleplay, Daddydom, Babygirl, Outdoor and all Kinds of Kinky fun. I’m a curious, well-educated male,; clean, sophisticated, financially independent, and very new to this scene. I am open to almost anything I love being dominated by a mistress and pegged as well as public play but I’m up for anything being bi it’s my dream to be dominated by a couple and absolutely used I also want to be dogged as I have never done that either.

Lived a conventional life with unconventional thoughts, now looking for opportunities for play, expression, and learning, with unconventional, open-minded female(s) comfortable with exploration. Dressing up in a dress and panties or lingerie is always a turn on for me I’d love to find a woman who likes to be tickle tortured and orgasm control tied up.

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Love a night in or a night out, love anything sci fi.

Please note that I do not play or scene with someone who I am not in a dynamic with. I want fun, and I want to experience all I can so someone adventurous would be great ;).

I'm really into the idea of longer term D/s relationships, although just someone to mix it up a bit and explore our kinky sides would be fantastic.

So you just get in touch to find out more on my kik!

Well Candice is my name as a teenager I was toned and smart, which gave me more confidence and strength.

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