Fairfield county singles dating

“I was seeing a guy who insists he’s not ready for a relationship but he calls and texts [me] all the time.

I just don’t get that.” Like a lot of the women we talked to, Jillian (not her real name), a smart and witty thirty-one year-old entrepreneur, says the guys she encounters online are a bit more likely to be sincere.

“I see a woman I find attractive in the West Village and I can approach her. The quality is the hard part.” Lindsey (not her real name), a thirty-five-year-old media executive, says she enjoys living downtown, but adds that the dating scene has lost its allure.

Here, I meet someone’s eye at Fairway, she tends to look away. Sometimes I still feel like Stamford is a bedroom community, but one where there’s not a lot of action in the bedroom.” Single women tell us that while there’s not necessarily a man shortage here, they’re tired of meeting non-committal guys more interested in texting their next prospect than in getting serious. I meet nice people almost every day,” explains Cheryl Farley, a personable, forty-year-old in the Stamford real estate business. “You have to deal with the guys who seem to have forgotten they’re married.” And some prospects have been so shallow it’s downright discouraging.

The good thing here is that there is a wide variety of smart, interesting, dynamic women with a lot to offer.” Yet unattached guys lament that some Fairfield County single ladies—while statistically plentiful—often seem more invested in whether potential mates earn fat paychecks than in their rich personalities.

Yet for all the fun he had experiencing the renaissance—“and for a while, I did have a lot of fun”—when he finally felt ready to put his heart into something more serious, someone was missing in the noisy bar crowds.

“I learned that if you are committed to staying single, Stamford is awesome, but it’s a little less awesome if you’re looking to find ‘the one.’” Matt’s initially elusive efforts to find a soul mate similarly matched the experiences of many of the single-and-looking men and women who shared their stories with us.

I find they want a guy who is compassionate, but also can keep up.” Yet despite his respectable paycheck, Steve says dating in Stamford can be financially draining.

“It can cost a small fortune just to meet for appetizers and cocktails,” he says.

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