Excel updating fields slow

For example, a user will open a spreadsheet and click on a cell to view a formula and it takes forever to get a response.I have done a complete online install of Office 2016 on each PC that has been affected.Now let’s get back to doing something about that slow excel workbook of ours !All else being equal, the cell towards the top and left will be calculated first before cells towards bottom right are processed.So say if cell B1 refers to cell A1, either using a formula (B1 = 10*A1) or a direct reference (B1 = A1), the cell A1 will be calculated first.

This flows from the previous – working across sheets imposes overhead.

The key to understanding what makes excel slow lies in understanding how excel calculates and recalculates when it first opened and then when subsequent changes are made to the worksheet.

At a very basic level if any cell is dependent on another cell for determining its value, the independent cell will be calculated first followed by the dependent cell.

Having said that, Microsoft has made (and probably will in future) changes to how these dependencies are calculated and processed in order to optimize performance.

However generally, as a rule of thumb, a cell that is dependent on others will be calculated later than the one which is not.

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