Etrust signature not updating

Neither one had the new update which came out during the night.Had to "manually" get updates which was no problem for me but if I'm not around my spouse and young-un will NEVER remember to do it manually. This intermittent problem may not be restricted to version 6.2 updates.Another thing that seems to happen when autodownload is not working/hanging is that the file at com/pub/mye Trust/autodownload/ won't open or hangs when trying to access the file through internet explorer. Also just to let you know, I have the firewall configured for all of the e Trust components such as autodown.exe, vetmsg.exe, cafix.exe, vettray.exe, vet32.exe, and for access to the internet.Also, problems with autodownload happen with firewall up or down.This seems to be a problem with their update server. When I click the Autoupdate link, mine comes back "Already up to date".The current Version number is 8400 and the last date updated is June 18 2004Not sure why your's isn't completing???Hopefully Shem is having some success on solving these gremlins...Both of my computers are set to check for updates and download/install new ones upon start-up.

I have been able to determine that when I directly use Airband (no router or NAT firewall), it is working fine, but with a NAT firewall I am having the problem (fatal error 3 during download).

While every 5 minutes my error log gets 20 lines longer Cheersmoosus When reporting Autodownload problems here, please specify your country and state/city.

Problem may be limited to certain locations/servers only. Please also report if: Can you see the following in your browser?

One file said the update was ready to go and the other said it wasn't there. The last update was yesterday, so there was nothing new to update for today. I can tell this is a different problem from the one we talked about here a few weeks ago. Latest update as I write this is » have you looked at this download help page »www3com/securityadvi ··· id=51089I am not having any issues downloading on my e trustv7you can also manually download if required »www3com/support/vicdownload/ Hmmmm... I logged on this morning around 5am local time and mine updated right away.

Why mine was happy and said it was up to date and yours failed... I recently checked with my nephew and my brother and their machines have been updating ok too.

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