Estj dating

Overall, I love my partner, I wouldn't want anyone else, but tbh I'm not sure this pairing is for everyone. ENTP married to an ESTJ (with ENTJ tendencies) here. Most of the time it isn't even because we're angry with each other; we just have very strong differing opinions and have to intellectually duke it out until one of us admits the other is right.

She has helped me be a little more selfish (in a good way, so I'm not such a pushover) and I've helped her learn how to explore her empathy.I happen to be an ENFJ male with an ESTJ girlfriend.Many of the things you said were shockingly similar to our relationship.ESTJ's are extremely reliable, which is great, because ENTP's tend to be less stable. They also have a terrible habit of half smirking 24/7 which is hard to interpret until you've been with them long enough.ENTP's might find a more strict ESTJ a buzzkill, so that relationship won't go anywhere.

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