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Begin by deleting the static HTML card components from the render function, keeping the outer .card-deck div, like so: Play around with the array data for a while so you can see how the data is populating our Movie Card components. Add more objects to the movie Data array to see more cards being added to our web app.The final piece of the React and Airtable web app puzzle — Plugging an Airtable database into our quite static front end!If you’d like to read more about Airtable before we get started on our web app, you can check out their excellent getting started guide.

Oh, if you’re using Atom, be sure to check out the Best Atom Plugins for Front End Developers. We could do this manually, but that would take too long.

👍When building a dynamic web app, I always like to ‘stub’ out the components first using dummy data.

This involves creating the user interface and populating it using static data that I define at the top of the component. While you’re in App.js, go ahead and delete everything in the render function, as well as the last two import statements at the top of the file.

This is where the fun begins…We’ve checked off step one: stubbing out our component with dummy data.

If you remember our three steps from before, step two was converting the static HTML components into a React component.

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