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Women belonging to any class could work as professional mourners or musicians, and these were common jobs.

Noblewomen could be members of the priesthood connected to either a god or goddess.

For example, the great pharaoh Ahmose I in New Kingdom, always took advice from his mother, Akhotep, and his principal wife, Nefertari.

Although the women of ancient Egypt were viewed as one of the most independent groups of women, if their husband died leaving them a widow, people began to grow suspicious of them due to the lack of male control in the household.

Contraception was permitted as well, and medical texts survive that refer to many contraceptive formulas (although the ingredients are often now difficult to identify).

Some formulas, such as drinks made of celery base and beer, are dubious, but others show a basic knowledge of somewhat effective methods, such as a spermicide made of fermented acacia gum, which produces a sperm-killing lactic acid.

There were working men and women side by side and it is not uncommon to find in the stuff of a women's household other women with administrative titles.

Especially in tombs scenes of the periods, men are often served by men, while women are served by women. Women belonging to families wealthy enough to hire nannies to help with childcare frequently worked as perfume-makers, and also were employed in courts and temples, as acrobats, dancers, singers, and musicians, which were all considered respectable pursuits for upper-class women.

Kitchen model; women workers grinding, baking and brewing. Most women belonged to the peasantry, and worked alongside their husbands doing agricultural work.In the New Kingdom there's a saying that: "Take a wife while you are young That she make a son for you She should bear for you while you are youthful It is proper to make people Happy is the man whose people are many He is saluted on account of his progeny." It is true some egalitarian relationship between husband and wife was implied in Egypt depiction.However, depictions usually show husband and wife in an affectionate attitude with their children so we assume most families were generally happy, but marriage was more realistic.The wife shared responsibilities and worked with her husband.

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