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Click Microsoft Surface Dock Updater to start the application.

To update a Surface Dock with Microsoft Surface Dock Updater, follow these steps: Microsoft Surface Dock Updater logs its progress into the Event Log, as shown in Figure 8.

If you are an advanced Windows expert, you can try the second solution. If one is a Windows 8 user, he has to make sure that . This can be found in Turn Windows Features on or off feature.

You will find a small box beside this option which has to be check-marked.

When you run the Microsoft Surface Dock Updater installer you will be prompted to accept an End User License Agreement (EULA).

Note Updating Surface Dock firmware requires connectivity to the Surface Dock via the Surface Connectâ„¢ port.

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The Microsoft Surface Dock Updater tool allows you to check the firmware status of a Surface Dock and to manually update the firmware of Surface Dock devices.The main cause of 1603 error is insufficient permissions to the file or folder where the Windows Installer Package is being installed. The first one is to download the Quick Books Install Diagnostic Tool and let the tool run.Also you may not have administrative privileges for the account you are currently logged in. It will attempt to correct problems related to Microsoft Components which can cause unexpected errors.It is most often used to update Surface Docks prior to deployment of those Surface Docks to end users or as a troubleshooting tool.Microsoft Surface Dock Updater walks you through the process of updating the firmware on one or more Surface Docks, including the required connect and disconnect steps to perform the complete firmware installation.

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