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He made a motion that a letter of thanks to Harold Lauder be drafted and signed by each member of the Committee. Stu: "Once we get the old business taken care of, Glen Bateman has a couple of items.

I don't know what they are any more than you do, but I suspect one of them has to do with the next public meeting. " Glen: "I'll wait my turn." Stu: "That's baldy for you.

And if they had to do that, we probably wouldn't see them again until spring. "I'd like to start by pointing out something that may surprise you.

Larry said if that was the case, perhaps we ought to give the Judge a headstart. We've been assuming that we've got about six hundred people in the Zone, and Ralph has kept admirable, accurate records of the number of large groups that have come in, and we've based our population assumption on those figures.

The first real item of business was our scouts in the West.

To recap, the committee has decided to ask Judge Farris, Tom Cullen, and Dayna Jurgens to go.

" Rachel had had the good grace to flush at that; she had even offered a little apology. Heart beating loudly, Nadine sat down on the picnic bench and pressed her fingers lightly to two of the planchette's three sides. Who would climb in, and slam the door, and put his sun-blackened hands on the wheel? Nadine, beyond help or hope of succor, sat upright on the bench at the crest of Flagstaff Mountain in the black trench of morning, her eyes wide, that feeling of being on the border stronger than ever." Fran: "Well, if Glen's right, it means we're going to need to hire a bigger hall for the next meeting. If there are going to be eight hundred people here by the twenty-fifth, we'll never cram them all into Chautauqua Auditorium." Ralph: "Jesus, I never thought of that. Stu then moved that we hold the meeting on August 25 in Munzinger Auditorium at C. Anyhow, after we went out to the Chautauqua Auditorium, Leo and I went over to Charlie Impening's house. The house is empty, Charlie's things are gone, and so is Charlie's BSA." Some uproar from the committee, also profanity which, while colorful, does not have any place in this record. I'm asking you if you want to allow a brain-drain to go on, in light of our Adversary." Fran: "I still hate it. " Glen: "Do you want him to know our strength of numbers? Stu then motioned that we table the whole idea of locking people up for contrary views. Glen: "You better get used to the idea that you're going to have to deal with this sooner or later, and probably sooner.I told you guys I wasn't cut out for this work." Stu: "Relax, Ralph, you're doing fine." Sue: "So where are we going to hold the goddam meeting? U., which had a bigger capacity--probably over a thousand. Glen: "Before we move on, I'd like to point out that there's another good reason to have a Census Committee, one that's a little more serious than knowing how much dip and how many bags of chips to bring to the party. Ralph then asked what good it would do for us to know who is leaving. Charlie Impening spilling his guts to Flagg is bad enough. we're elected indefinitely, did any of you think of that?Glen: "We don't have any way of accurately estimating how many standees and sittees we had, but my memory of the gathering is fairly clear and I'd have to say that one hundred would be a terribly conservative estimate.So you see, we really have better than seven hundred people here in the Zone.

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