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They don't provide any statements whatsoever for anyone who visits their site looking for information about the man. You can find all kinds of information about other Focus broadcasts...

yet what was once advertised as the top selling broadcast in Focus history has completely disappeared from the database with no explanation. [In 2009 an individual contacted the organization with an online inquiry asking about Tom Papania and forwarded to me the response he received.

[email protected] Gottry and the James Dobson Family Institute issues a statement in support of Wednesday's announcement from the U. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights #JDFIPolicy youtu.be/Se-Kd PYMItk Almighty God, thank You for the privilege of parenthood.

We want so much to lead our children onto right paths for their lives.

For millions of supporters of Focus on the Family, including the large constituencies of Evangelical, Catholic and Charismatic believers the notion that there are catastrophic problems within a ministry they have been led to believe is helping to strengthen the family unit and spread the Gospel is often hard for them to grasp.

But did the ministry ever issue a public apology on any of their radio programs or in their magazines for the role they played in promoting a liar? If you contact the ministry asking for the tape you will be informed that because of concerns with the accuracy of Tom Papania's testimony they have decided to no longer endorse the man. They don't volunteer it.) But what about the many thousands of people who bought the tape and think they possess a legitimate story of Christian conversion?

Unless they discover the truth about this man they will continue to believe a lie.

However, these problems are inconsequential in comparison to the legal and social problems of the mid 20th century. He uses his power and vast influence to suggest that the path of those choosing interracial marriage is difficult and those considering a relationship should reconsider and pray for guidance. Which can be considered the same as suggesting one should not get involved in a interracial marriage in the first place. I submitted a question to asking for clarification.

Why would Dobson have any other position than “it is none of my business?

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