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Dominicans are also known for speaking fast and loudly.In this article, I will give you some insight that will help you get a handle on what’s said to be one of the more difficult Spanish accents to understand. Another common phrase in Spanish, “Está todo bien” (Everything is well) is also drastically shortened.Unlike in the rest of the country, El Este is much quieter and docile.

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Although you may hear some of these phrases from other Spanish speakers or in popular Latin music, they are unmistakably Dominican in origin.

The El Cibao region accounts for almost all of the country´s agriculture and diverse wildlife species, which can be found in Constanza, Santiago, and Puerto Plata (three of the most prominent provinces in El Cibao).

El Cibao has the most recognizable Dominican accent.

The beaches are beautiful, as this is the Caribbean Coast of the country. In La Romana, and especially Punta Cana, you will find the largest hotels and resorts in the country.

Many Dominicans from all over travel there to work.

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