Desi men and dating

I will add these men have approached me and none have pressured me about sex which has been a generalization about what Indian men want from black women. Go for personality and just like ANY race some will like you some wont You can't really generalize what black woman like or prefer.

I think indian men ate extremely attractive and will probably end up marrying an indian man which will probably be who i am dating now. Everyone, regardless of race are individuals and have their own preferences.

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I am a white girl and I am only attracted to white men. I am a black american woman and ive dated a few indian men and I am currently seriously dating one. We have alot in common and the culture differences just come as learnings for both of us.

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But there's a stereotype out there that I'm ashamed to say I sort of subscribe to that says that Indians tend to be extremely racist against Black people, and frankly, I wouldn't want to deal with the parents unless they were a radical exception.

Im a black woman recently divorced and have only dated indian men since. Of course there are extrememly attractive men in any race/ethnicity.

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