Define backdating stock options

If we make choices based on what others hold dear, things that don't resonate with our soul's integrity, just how free are we?" Something to seriously think about if you're not happy with the choices you've made. I particularly liked Chapter 12 where Robert talks about the Dark Night of the Ego or as some call it, the Dark Night of the Soul.He discusses the difference between Fate and Destiny.He says that, "Through your soul's agreement with Destiny, you must transform your Fate into something more life affirming, thus leaving this world a better place.I found so many issues that I recommended a special investigation.A third party law firm came in and did their own investigation and found what I found and more.

Robert Ohotto's book Transforming Fate into Destiny arrived on my doorstep at just the right time in winter of 2007.The management team was in no way happy with my findings or my recommendation and made it extremely uncomfortable for me to stay.I gave my two weeks notice without having another job lined up. I just couldn't hang out in this rotten, unethical energy environment for one day longer.If we're going to endure, we must animate our interior life and engage in a dialogue with our soul, allow for something new to be born..must embrace the fact that this dark state of chaos is the genesis of all things new."One of the Dark Nights of My Soul I know the Dark Night of the Soul (Ego) all too well.I was working as a Controller for a high tech start up in 2001. I was laid off on a second round of lay offs during a very bad time in the economy.

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