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(For more about the cultural principles of ancient China, please see: Characteristics of Traditional Chinese Art.) Since the time of the Majiabang, Liangzhu and Hongshan cultures (4700-2900 BCE), most jade carvings have been made from either nephrite or jadeite, although until the late 18th century Chinese jade objects were almost always carved out of nephrite.Jadeite has a similar hardness to quartz, while nephrite is a little softer, but since both varieties are as hard as steel, they cannot be cut or carved with metal tools.– the cerebral Narcissist will hone his knowledge and dialogue just enough to consider himself superior and to make sure you are aware that he is superior.He may try to dazzle you with stories of his brilliance, while exaggerating the stupidity of others.He shows up when he wants to and he disappears when you start to expect anything from him. In my blog What Walks Among Us – Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I list the DSM-5’s criteria for diagnosing the disorder.While five criteria must be met for a diagnosis, Lue states that Emotionally Unavailable Men meet at least 3, those being; require excessive admiration, interpersonally exploitative, and they lack empathy.If you’ve noticed the above cited behaviours along with some of the following you are likely involved with a Narcissist: – he wants attention and admiration for his talents, even if they are not particularly spectacular.He wants to be considered gifted in certain areas and may even lie and make up stories to try to impress his targets to illicit the esteem he is after.

If while he’s in this hot phase, the target chooses not to engage and does not offer up the much needed supply, the Narcissist will become extremely emotional. • Chinese Meaning of "Yu" • Nephrite • Jadeite • Other Chinese Jade Stones • Types of Jade Carvings • History of Chinese Jade • Neolithic Jades • Shang Dynasty • Zhou Dynasty • Han Dynasty • Qing Dynasty In Chinese art, "jade" (known by the Chinese character "yu") is an ornamental stone used in a wide variety of jewellery art, figure carving and other types of sculpture - in statue-form and relief sculpture.Jade carving has been an important material in goldsmithing since the age of prehistoric art, and still accounts for most of China's hardstone carving.Due to the deceptive nature of the impairment, a true accounting is near impossible to determine.Fortunately, in relationships, many exhibit similar behavior patterns, which makes them easier to identify.

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