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Chappelle tackles the controversy of his spring Netflix specials head-on.

His bewilderment at having been charged with transphobia after joking about trans women (“Let’s go to the club and trick niggas into ****ing us.

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Yeah.”) is tempered with both empathy for the community he routinely mocks and more jokes about that community.

His argument is that anyone who would think his words are an excuse to go out and harm someone is an idiot and he doesn’t hate trans people because everyone deserves to be happy. Dave Chappelle makes fun of everybody—you can get these jokes, too.

It cant be easy to get people from so many groups in a room laughing together at themselves and each other.

I have a brother that did it for years and those guys have some serious observations about the world, I wonder why they are not all secretly suffering from depression with their keen senses.

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The mom was calmly taking them off the shelves, asking him if he liked each one, then adding the ones he liked into the cart.

Somehow that makes them feel safer about the friendship. Speaking of reflections on life and how things change, one very polarizing topic for men across the ages is the menstrual cycle.

If you have female friends, your woman will want to meet them.

And it DOES seem like a photo of a nude Caitlyn Jenner(to which Chapelle jokingly referenced with a 'yuck') would not be appealing, since 'she' does still physically look like a man for the most part and a man with womens genitals is probably no more appealing than a woman with womens genitals that has the rest of the body looking like a man.

I think that the mean spirited comics, that only ever lambast EVERYONE else arent nearly as clever as those who can mock across the board even the demographics they are a part of themselves.

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