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What things are crucial to making interfaith relationships work?My parents can’t let go of the “must marry in the Mormon Temple” idea, and often times fail to even acknowledge the existence of my relationships.I would like to ultimately believe that if that person I am choosing to be in a relationship with is someone who is worth my time and effort, then once the parents (and extended family) get to know them they’d recognize he’s not all that bad despite having a different stamp on his baptismal certificate.That pure sheen that accompanied me from the plane back to America quickly faded, and now most who look at me might doubt I’m even Mormon let alone one with a strong testimony who relatively recently served an honorable mission.This persona has served to attract a fair number of girls from outside the church, but my desire to marry in the temple and raise an LDS family has largely kept me from being overly attracted to or interested in starting a serious relationship with any of them.

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