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Keeping yourself healthy physically also keeps you in better mental shape.People will notice your demeanor and you keeping in decent shape. You just beat out 30% of other men right off the top.Couple keeps track of you and your partner’s timeline so you can go back and look at your communication when you’re feeling apart This app has messenger, wishbox, timeline, and calendar features.The messenger includes both text and photo messages.You can also share photos and videos with your partner through this app, and download romantic audiobooks to listen to together.Currently enrolled in the master's program for marriage and family therapy at USD, I am captivated most by the importance of relationships and emotions and their impact on our everyday lives.So for all of you poor saps out there who like to use that as an excuse, it’s complete bullsh*t and really isn’t that high on the list for any quality woman.People are attracted to friendliness – it instantly makes you more approachable and likable.

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Poor posture projects a message of lack of self esteem, which isn’t attractive to most women.

here’s a lot of misconceptions and confusion out there about what women find attractive in a man and how they define a “good looking” gentlemen.

Right off the bat, I want you to understand that none of these tips have anything to do with money or being physically attractive.

Your suits should be tailored, jeans hemmed, and you’re buying appropriate fitting shirts.

Don’t give me that BS about trying to hide your gut or skinny frame with loose fitting clothing because trying to hide it makes it look worse.

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