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But some of the best sex positions are the lazy AF ones. Sometimes you're not even in the mood for sex at all, but put out anyway because your dude is all riled up.

Your legs might feel a little sore afterward from the stretch, but that's to be expected. )Unlike the Right Angle, this position won't hurt your legs because you aren't extending.

Lie down on your back and throw your legs up in the air, but keep soft knees.

Have him stand at the edge of the bed, facing your body.

Then, throw your legs up onto his shoulders and have him hold them in place.

Have your guy hold them rather than putting them on his shoulders.

You can have an entire sex session switching back and forth between the Right Angle and the Acute Angle.

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You still get to lie on your back and enjoy the view of your man.These seven sex positions are perfect for the days when you just throw your guy a bone: I'm a big fan of this position because it basically just feels like cuddling.Have your guy lie down as you lie next to him, your back facing his front.You wouldn't necessarily mind getting yours, but you don't really feel up to throwing something sexy on and spending the next half hour essentially working out.If you're generally a lazy human being and aren't up for riding your guy 'til the sun rises tonight, allow me to help you out.

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