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As a result of that undoubtedly traumatic experience, some Jewish grooms to this day assure themselves uttering their vows that the woman they are marrying is in fact their intended.With all the guests assembled, the wedding ceremony begins.Although the custom of (veiling of the bride) is not generally practiced by Reform Jews, one may encounter this ritual at some Jewish weddings.In this custom, which grew out of the biblical story of Jacob's love for Rachel, the groom looks at the bride before covering her face with the veil.We praise you, , both members of the couple make this declaration.Because Hebrew is a gender-based language, with most words (including nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs) indicating gender and number, the traditional phrase above must be modified it is to be said to a man: Some couples choose to add a meaningful biblical verse to these vows.At the conclusion of the ceremony-in what is probably the best known of all the rituals associated with Jewish weddings-it is customary for the groom to break a glass (sometimes a light bulb, which makes more noise! More recently, both members of the couple, including same-sex couples, have chosen to break a glass.At the breaking of the glass(es), guests may shout " (privacy or seclusion), can be a respite from the strain of being the center of attention for a whole day.

In addition, "when a man takes a wife" appears in the bible seven times and on Simchat Torah, the Torahs are carried around the synagogue seven times.our God, Ruler of the universe, Creator of joy and gladness, friends and lovers, love and kinship, peace and friendship.O God, may there always be heard in the cities of Israel and in the streets of Jerusalem: the sounds of joy and happiness, the voice of loving couples, the shouts of young people celebrating, and the songs of children at play.Throughout history rings were used as personal talismans, in business transactions, as symbols of status, and of course to pledge your love to another.The story of the wedding ring does not have one clear path; it changes with each religion and country's view of marriage.

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