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This was the first book on Griswold and was referred to as "The Bible". Contains the following bulletins: A-5 Cast Aluminum Ware, E-3 Extra Finished Iron Hollow Ware, W-4 Waffle Irons, D-3 Dampers and Stove Hardware, K-3 Household Hardware Specialties (food choppers, sad irons, etc.), R-4 Gas Ranges-Hot Plates-Heaters.

With nothing else written it was a great book to have back then. This is an excellent catalog reprint with a lot of information.

Griswold, Wagner, and other makes of cast iron cookware is not highly featured except for hte section on muffin pan but there still are a good number of pieces of different types and ages shown.

Recommended book on all aspects of kitchen collectibles. ANTIQUE IRON - Survey of American and English, From 15th through 19th Centuries. Catalog and Price List of Fine Hollow-Ware and Stove Furiture 1890-91 Original reprint by Courtney Mc Clendon c.1990. This is a nice little catalog that shows many early ERIE pieces made before pattern numbers on Griswold items.

Dave Smith provided an extensive treatment on muffin pans on 25 pages alone. However, it, too, has a number of mistakes and strange values given for some items. Reprinted many times, it was recently available and may still be. Shown on the bright red cover is an ERIE Skillet Clock..50 from David Smith The Pan Man 8. 300 Years Of Kitchen Collectibles by Linda Campbell Franklin, Books Americana, 1991. has been reprinted and slightly updated in 20 with a more extensive update in 2005 (4th edition). If you are interested in muffin pans this book is a must. However, I do recommed this, and other L-W Book Sales books because they do include information and photos of items that do not appear in other books or catalogs. Has the same shortcomings as the first volume of this two volume series. Comprised of the following bulletins: E-11 Iron Hollow Ware, A-15 Cast Aluminum Ware, EA-2 Electric Appliances, W-12 Waffle Irons, K-9 Household Hardware, R-14 Gas Hot Plates, O-7 Ovens. Often called the "Blue Book", this is the best book by far of any done on cast iron cookware. Available in many bookstores and from several online sources including this WAGS site. If you buy only one book I would recommend the Blue Book, above, before this Red Book. Buy the Blue and Red books by Dave Smith first and then add this and the other L-W books. All new photos and information but with a lot of errors. The individual bulletins are dated from 1926 to 1930. Print quality and amount of material shown is excellent; binding weak.

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