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It is theorised that Tver arose as a fortification on the headland where the River Tmaka flows into the Volga during the struggles between the Rostov-Suzdal Principality and the Novgorod Principality.In 1238 Tver was sacked by Batu Khan during the Mongol-Tatar Invasion of Rus, but the city was able to recover from the devastation relatively quickly.Mikhail's body was only returned to Tver a year later.In 1549 Mikhail was canonised as St Michael (Mikhail) of Tver.Today Mikhail is still cherished as a Russian prince who led Russians against their Mongol overlords rather than collaborating with them as was the policy of the Moscow princes at that time.Mikhail was succeeded in Tver by his son Dmitri Mikhailovich known as 'The Terrible Eyes'; Yuri Danilovich of Moscow became the next grand prince of Vladimir.Khan Uzbek ordered Prince Ivan Kalita of Moscow and Aleksandr Vasilievich of Suzdal to send a punitive campaign against Tver, which devastated the city and destroyed the kremlin.

Yuri arrived first and was able to blame Mikhail for the death of the khan's sister. In 1318 after Mikhail has faced a month of imprisonment and torture, Yuri and Kavgadi decided to be rid of him once and for all and had their men kill him.

However in 1322 Dmitri the Terrible Eyes informed Khan Uzbek that Yuri was keeping some of the tribute for himself.

Uzbek appointed Dmitri as grand prince of Vladimir.

Prince Yaroslav Yaroslavich died in 1271 and was succeeded by his sons, firstly Svyatoslav and then Mikhail in sometime around 1282.

It was under Mikhail that open conflict erupted between Tver and Moscow over who should rule as grand prince of Vladimir as the superior Rus prince.

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