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Customer success teams are different in that they have people with knowledge that lets them own on solve problems themselves without having to send them to other people or departments.

Even the best marketing tools can cause problems that you won’t be able to solve by yourself and that’s where email marketing customer service comes in.

Not using segmentation is like walking away from money on the table.

Just using a subscriber’s name in an email subject line increases its open rate because it gets attention.

Personalized mailings can also generate 10% better conversion rates, which is pure profit for you.

Segmentation alone can lead to a 760% increase of revenue.

Only people who understand that particular tool can help you properly and the best way to do that is by talking with them directly - by phone or live chat.

You can avoid all of these threats and save yourself a lot of time and money if you choose email marketing system that provides great software along with flexible customer service.

These trends show that email marketing, combined with automation, personalisation and segmentation will generate enormously high profits and still be one of the priority channels in digital marketing.

There is, however, one essential factor that affects the effecticeness of all your email marketing efforts - email marketing customer service.

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