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As mentioned by Coach Loudly in "Pop Marks the Spot", he and Margaret have known each other since they're their students' age.

But out of the five, Lulu is consider the teacher's pet since she has the highest grade in the class and the smartest.When they both found out that Bubbles had tried (but failed) to pair them together for the Cupid Dance, they immediately acted like their interest in each other are only "professional".Interestingly, when Margaret gave a growl look to Coach Loudly, he had a surprised look when he sees his students is still in front of them before they both look away from each other.Margaret is a short chubby red and peach Popple with yellow ears, violet hair and eyebrows, red nose, green eyes, and light pink spots on her cheeks.She also wears a teal cat-eye glasses that's attached by a yellow string and has a turquoise bead necklace around her neck.

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