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The logical conclusion is that the predominant depiction of points in Coso petroglyphs was a corner-notched image with noticeable barbs.

In this study we consider what the most likely analog or morphological equivalent for this corner-notched point form is in terms of standard Great Basin projectile point typology (Holmer 1986; Thomas 1981).

Corner-notched points occurred both as isolated images and in conjunction with pattern bodied anthropomorphs.Assuming that the points depicted do not have concave bases, they would appear to have basal indentation ratios near 1.0.The basal width / maximum width position we would estimate at 0.0 and the maximum width position is 0%.CLASSIFICATION OF POINT STYLES Three broad categories of projectile point forms are commonly recognized in the Great Basin: shouldered, side-notched and corner-notched (Thomas 1981).Although no true metrics are available for the Coso point petroglyphs (such as the actual length, width, thickness or weight of the artifacts they represent), it is possible to estimate from the glyph outlines their gross general morphology.

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