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Some, who have been really touched and impressed by the long conversations in the dark, discover, to their dismay, that they really are too shallow to rise above physical appearance.

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The producers don’t seem to be “pulling the strings” to make the story turn out the way they want. The other show, “Defying Gravity,” I looked forward with the breathless anticipation of a child on Christmas morning.In the pilot, two astronauts exhibited heart problems after take off and had to be replaced by two Mars veterans down on earth, one the husband of the woman who seems to be in charge.There was another part in which a woman was testing the Jupiter space suit and got blasted out into space, held only by a tether.The suit turned out to have a leak and the astronauts had to get her in before she suffered brain damage. All this alone would be enough to make this a good show in my book.But that is Apparently, the mission isn’t what the astronauts thought it would be, but the powers-that-be have chosen not to tell any of them except the captain until they reach Venus.

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