Dating in the dark recap 727

Just this Monday there was an episode where all three women were desperately attracted to the same guy…in the dark. If you’ve read this blog much, you’ll know I LOVE science fiction!In the end, however, he ended up on the balcony watching all three women walk away. This is a show about eight astronauts, four men and four women, who are on a six year mission to seven planets across the solar system.Also, we’ve been given the hint that the people on earth aren’t really controlling this mission.The woman in charge tells her husband, who happens to be the captain, “It has chosen you, just as it has chosen me.” She then instructs him to go to storage pod 4 where I’m thinking “It” is!The suit turned out to have a leak and the astronauts had to get her in before she suffered brain damage. All this alone would be enough to make this a good show in my book.

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If you want to give it a try, it’s on at 10/9C on Sunday nights. As for me, at on Sunday nights, I won’t be answering the phone!

” Three men and three women enter a huge house and are segregated in separate wings. We, the audience get to observe them by infrared cameras.

They start out on a group date in which they introduce themselves and have to glean information by virtue of asking questions and listening to voices.

All of a sudden, the light comes on over one of them for about thirty seconds and the one in the dark just studies them. After that, they have to decide if they want to pursue continuing to get to know that person or be on their way.

That scene takes place with one person out on the balcony, waiting to hear one of two doors open.

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