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The Conference gathered 130 participants from Croatia and the world.The guests were supposed, through various subjects concerning the protection of life from conception to natural death, answer the following question: ”What is the solution to the problem of abortion in Croatia and the world?You can visit some of the nearby destinations such as Zadar or the island Murter.It is also possible to rent a charter boat in Biograd.Agency does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of data in the table after it is published on the Agency’s website.Since data is subject to everyday changes, the users are instructed to address the Agency and check the precise data in the manually kept main book of the Croatian Register of Civil Aircraft.” Considering the reactions of the participants, they have succeeded in answering it.The subjects were diverse and interesting: premarital and marital purity, natural family planning, treatment of spouses not able to have children, adoption, treatment of elderly and disabled people in retirement homes, practice of working with pregnant women and mothers, healing of the wounds of abortion in men and women etc.

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I am hard working, but I find time to enjoy myself also. We also heard about experiences of the fight for life from guests from the United States, Colombia, North Macedonia, and Austria.The participants of the conference came from all parts of Croatia, but also from Spain, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from the remote India.You can visit these parks by daily organised excursions.There are numerous interesting places and sightseeings in nearby Šibenik, Biograd and Zadar.

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