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So please don’t give up, but keep waiting on the Lord as you seek your Jewish dating soulmate.By the way, if any any of our readers come across a real Jewish dating in this niche, please let us know so we can help others.However, throughout the 15th and 16th centuries a number of Converso families migrated to the Netherlands, France and eventually Italy, from where they joined other expeditions to the Americas.Others migrated to England or France and accompanied their colonists as traders and merchants.By the end of the century in Argentina, as in America, many Jewish immigrants were coming from Eastern Europe (mainly Russia and Poland) fleeing Tsarist persecution.

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Most of these marrano families moved to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, as it was an isolated urban settlement where the Inquisition did not bother the conversos.Jewish individuals and families emigrated from Europe to Argentina before and after World War II, in an attempt to escape the Holocaust and later postwar anti-Semitism.Between 250,000 and 300,000 Jews now live in Argentina, the vast majority of whom reside in the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba, Mendoza, La Plata and San Miguel de Tucumán.They are concentrated in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, with the first considered the center of the Jewish population in Latin America.Jews fleeing the Inquisition settled in Argentina, where they intermarried with native women.

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