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How do you tell someone you can't go on another date because your self esteem is too low and you're insecure? I have been through some hard times that were outside of my control and I managed to overcome them.

I guess the short answer is going back to therapy and not dating. However, it caused a lot of trauma and when it comes to my love life I put up sooo many barriers that it becomes hard to let people in.

When I hear about a girl's man, I'm assuming we probably shouldn't be on that date period.It’s just that I am very guarded against letting people in romantically. I saw a lot of posts that suggest therapy and that maybe a good place to start.Background is that I lost a family member when I was younger!I was once someone who was hopeful in meeting someone who liked me for me. I guess I just don't understand why he wants to see me again.Now I just feel like that's never going to happen. I look at other girls, and wonder, how do they find someone who likes who they are? I just feel like a couple of weeks later he will also just decide there's other girls out there and peace out like the rest of them.

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