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However, there are topics that help or hinder salvation, including: These absolutely necessary doctrines are the very subjects that often get a cursory treatment from the pulpit.

Christian preachers err when they crusade against things the Bible does not major on.

(Galatians -2:1) There is wisdom in not putting a novice in place.

It was not sound that the Body of Christ should have followed a sexual movement started by a 21-year-old preacher.

Time-tested ones are usually dense, deep, but safer than our popular titles. 3) My job as a Christian minister is to teach the Bible, which means not to focus on my pet doctrines or favorite parts of the Bible only, but to cover a wide variety of topics and emphasize what the Bible emphasizes.

Even so, I always compare what any Christian author says with what the Bible says. (2 Timothy 4:2) 4) The Bible does not address dating clearly, but it is emphatic about the judgment of Sodom, to the degree that Jesus made it the reference point in his predictions about the last generation.

I do not know what the Bible says about dating because the Bible doesn’t say much about it.

The American craze not only misled many Christians worldwide (I personally know many in Asia who remained single for far too long due to the misguided desire to abstain from any dating), but it was also a disservice to Joshua Harris.

He had not developed the stability and maturity to handle his call.

,” the same who later equivocated about his sexual purity message to a generation of millennials, the same who started dating and found his wife Shannon, and the same who has announced today (29 July 2019) that he is divorcing his wife, has publicly renounced his faith in Christ.

He has also apologized on Instagram for his extreme views against the LGBT community, From the height of his book sales (over 1 million copies sold) to the depth of his renunciation, twenty-two years have passed.

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