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But he – and the others who were around for a shorter period – could’ve learned a thing or two (or all seven, below) from you guys. You Don’t Play Games I fell hard for the first guy I went out with in London. Waiting several days before asking a woman out again is a common, and maddening, ploy used by New Yorkers even in their late 30s.

So I’m here to tell you: Relax, you’re doing great. He asked me out for our second date a day after we met. In London, I happily haven’t come across an adherence to arbitrary dating rules many New Yorkers follow. You’re curious I’ve found Brits to be more engaged in the world and eager to learn more. ‘Brits either inherently have more to talk about, or are less afraid to bring up interesting topics,’ she says.

Katherine says what surprised her most ‘is that there are plenty of British men out there who will share their feelings and affection up front, when I expected the stark opposite.’ 6.

You’re gentlemen Another way to say it is you guys are grown ups.

New Yorkers are notorious for burning the candle at both ends.

Here a couple of guys profusely apologised to me when they needed to schedule a date for 8PM, which in New York is prime going out hour.

I find that the frat boy mentality has generally subsided in Londoners.

Dating anywhere can be a soul-crushing drudge of going from one lackluster date to the next.

But I quickly realized I brought my New York City ‘it’s all about the numbers game’ mentality to London.

From what I’ve learned, you lads take your time getting to know a gal without courting a dozen others. Conjunctively, you’re not afraid to express how you feel sooner than what American women are used to.

But as far as the male populace of the Big Apple goes, you guys are way ahead of the game.

I don’t mean to bash all New Yorkers; I had a long-term relationship with a wonderful man in the city.

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