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You would have to go through all the segments of the pattern.Find the potential translations for all of those segments and determine which language was used.: I forgot to mention: the __() function is an alias to translate a given string.Within this method there obviously should be some sort of fallback method where the default text is loaded when there are not translations available yet.As you might already guessed, I would recommend is title. To implement multilingual URLs you will probably have to extend core class(es), because multilingual routing need access to different forms of storage (database, cache and/or configuration files).

While at first glance IDN seems viable option for international URLs, it actually does not work as advertised for two reasons: I actually tried to IDN approach few years ago in a Yii based project (horrible framework, IMHO).Furthermore, I'm looking for the easiest way to translate multiple database tables perhaps without the need of making additional tables.What did I come up with myself As I've been searching, reading and trying things myself already. But I still don't feel like I've reached a best practice method for what I am really seeking. They don't even include localization options for dates etc yet, but as my server supports PHP5.3.2 the best option is to use the intl extension as explained here: - but this would be of use in any later stadium of development. if I have this url: and the URL provided is easier to understand for both Google and Human visitors.And if all else fails, you pick the site's default language.The alternative is to use URL, that can be defined as .

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