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At a first glance one would think this way of holding hands spells a lack of commitment, however, it's the exact opposite, it actually conveys tenderness and reassurance.

It's letting the other know they're there without suffocating the person.

It shows that the relationship is relaxed and based on mutual trust.

This is the classic hand-holding of the story we started with; it shows respect and devotion.

It's like that romantic gesture when your hand is resting on your leg and suddenly your partner approaches you and puts their hand over yours in an embrace.

It denotes protectiveness, as if they're silently saying they have your back.

According to Edwards, this can also mean that the person walking by your side isn't really that into you, so that's the most intimacy you'll get. In the same way as the wrapper, this denotes a strong need of being with the other.

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However, this particular hand-holding could also be interpreted as a sign of protection and strong bonds that could potentially lead to codependency, so it's important to be always aware of the direction the relationship is taking.

The one holding the hand portrays adoration and their will to protect the other, while the one being held exhibits trust.

Edwards says this way of holding hands conveys a healthy and strong relationship.

As Edwards claims, this is pure flirtation and playfulness.

It's a casual way to demonstrate commitment, since, unlike the subtle touch, here the fingers are connected in a strong bond.

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